The idea behind the brand “Riocca” came about during a friendly brainstorming session on what represents elegance, grace and beauty, which are the qualities of Riocca’s jewellery.

Drawing inspiration from Nature, the horse was selected. As it turns out, there is a mythical horse called the Ratna Horse which is adorned with beautiful precious stones and jewellery.

We cannot imagine a better way to bring together Nature and Man to offer the essence of what is Riocca’s jewellery for all to enjoy!


It all began with the birth of his child.

This addition to Daniel Lee’s family brought a new sense of urgency to his life. The need to provide a better future for his next generation made his decision to leave his salaried job, a no-brainer. In his words,

“I have to create my own destiny”

Thus began Daniel’s journey in the jewellery industry. His family’s business, since the 1970s, was in the wholesale trade of gold jewellery. However, Daniel chose to branch out into the retail market. His first outlet, known as Zin Liang Jewellery, was opened in 1994 at Midpoint Shopping Centre in Pandan Indah, Cheras. A second outlet in the same area was set up two years later.

The year 2000 being the new millennium, brought changes to Zin Liang Jewellery which was then relocated to Mid Valley Mega Mall. The new location and target market gave Daniel the perfect opportunity to come up with a new product range that he is truly passionate about. Unique designs using high quality gemstones were created to set Zin Liang apart from common high street jewellery franchises. Backed by a team of skilled artisans whose craftsmanship is of the highest standard, the market had something new to be excited about.

In 2013 Zin Liang began a partnership with the Visiber Group and Riocca Jewellery was established in place of Zin Liang. Riocca’s flagship store remains in the upscale Mid Valley Mega Mall with a second outlet in the ever popular Sungei Wang Plaza. Clients continue to be able to fulfill their desire for beautiful jewellery, whether that is for diamonds, precious stones or pearls, as Riocca carries on the earlier tradition of retailing premium quality gemstones and jewellery in unique and contemporary designs.

From simple daytime accessories to elegant evening pieces, most of Riocca’s pieces are created in-house, making them limited editions exclusive to the wearer. To ensure the quality and authenticity of the gems, certificates from reputable gem laboratories such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or Gem Research Swisslab (GRS), etc, are provided.

In the course of any transaction at Riocca, not only is personalised attention given but knowledge of the gems is shared willingly so that each client can make a well-informed decision for a satisfactory purchase. The team at Riocca also attends international jewellery trade fairs regularly to bring back the latest ideas and creations for localisation. Clients who wish to customize their jewellery to fit their own style and taste, can easily do so with the guidance and help of Riocca’s capable and experienced sales team and craftsmen. The story does not end here as after sales service, whatever that may be, is also liberally provided.

These are just some of the qualities that have made regular customers out of walk-ins and friends out of customers, continuing Riocca’s steadfast belief that pairing a beautiful piece of jewellery with a client’s satisfaction is the perfect combination.


From the onset, Daniel Lee has been at the heart of the business, submitting to his passion for fine jewellery.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (majoring in Human Resources) and a Masters degree in Business (Marketing) from Loma Linda University, California (USA). Daniel further honed his skills with specialist courses in Diamond Grading and Colour Stone Grading, both from the Gemological Insitute of America (GIA).

He says, “I translate my personal core values into my business. Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential, whilst customer service is equally important. The jewellery business is not a 'get rich quick'   type of industry but a long term business. I measure my success in terms of my reputation and the retention of our regular clientele.”

“I welcome you to visit Riocca Jewellery to find delight in the differences that we offer... because you deserve it. TM